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Canadian Police Are Threatening to Punish Drunk Drivers with Nickelback

  • 6:21 am Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 by Aaron

Nickelback jokes are a little played out, not that they weren’t justified…or that Nickelback is any more listenable now.

But police in Canada are taking a new jab. Since Canada spawned Nickelback, they probably have more of a right to it than any of us. Also, based on action hero movie rules, only THEY can truly destroy them.

Police in the small town of Kensington in Prince Edward Island are trying to cut down on drunk driving over the holidays by making a very specific threat…

Anyone arrested for DUI will be fined, charged, issued a year-long driving suspension, and forced to listen to [More]

Phil Collins: “I Was Pretty Irritating In The 80’s”

  • 5:57 am Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 by Aaron

You’re not breaking any news to Phil Collins by telling him you think he was a bit annoying during his major rise to pop stardom.

“I was ubiquitous throughout the 80s,” says Collins from his Miami palace.

“I became unfairly tarnished with the brush of that era. Meanwhile, I was just trying to write good songs and play music with people I loved. But yeah, I think looking back on it, I can safely say, I was pretty irritating.”

There’s a ton more that Phil has to say about his past, present and future. You can find it here by clicking this link.

In [More]

The Piano Man Built The Bike That Stranded The Boss

  • 8:48 am Monday, November 28th, 2016 by Aaron

We have finally found the culprit for Bruce Springsteen’s recent motorcycle breakdown.

Apparently, the Piano Man has confessed!

After playing a cover of The Boss’s “Born To Run”, Billy Joel told his fans at New York’s MSG that his shop built the custom bike that Springsteen was riding when it broke down in New Jersey a few weeks back.

Addressing the New York crowd, Joel says: “I built a motorcycle for Bruce. So he takes the bike out on Veteran’s Day and it breaks down. It’s all over national news, ‘Bruce’s Bike Breaks Down.’

“So I’m reading this and thinking, ‘Oh shit, I [More]

John Lennon’s Breakup Letter To The McCartneys Just Sold For $30k

  • 6:52 am Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 by Aaron

John Lennon wrote an angry letter to Paul and Linda McCartney sometime after The Beatles broke up. This isn’t exactly new, it’s been around for some time now.

What is new however, is that yesterday it sold at an auction for $29,843.45!

It’s a typed, two-page letter, with a few handwritten notes.


Supposedly, Lennon wrote it sometime in 1971, after Linda criticized him for not publicly announcing that he was the one leaving the band.

It contains PLENTY of profanity for those of you keeping score at home.

Little Steven and Axl Rose Get Political

  • 8:48 am Monday, November 21st, 2016 by Aaron

Just when you thought the end of the election cycle would bring an end to political comments from rock icons…here comes two more!

First up is Little Steven Van Zandt. He, like the rest of us, saw on social media over the weekend that the cast of Hamilton called out VP-elect Mike Pence at a recent performance:

After seeing this Steven took to Twitter:

But he wasn’t the only person to react to this…enter the President-elect, and Axl Rose!

When Donald Trump took to Twitter to defend his veep, the Guns’ lead singer followed right behind him:

We haven’t even made it to the inauguration folks…it’s [More]

Is Jeff Gutt The New Lead Singer Of Stone Temple Pilots?

  • 7:51 am Friday, November 18th, 2016 by Aaron

There’s talk that Stone Temple Pilots has hired Jeff Gutt to replace Chester Bennington (lead singer of Linkin Park). Bennington came on board after STP’s last split with Scott Weiland in 2013.

Gutt has been on two seasons of the American “X Factor”, and was the runner-up on Season Three.

The band says it isn’t a done deal yet. STP released a statement saying that they’ve been rehearsing with several singers over the past few weeks, but they haven’t made a decision. They also didn’t deny that they’re looking at Jeff.

Metallica Gives The Classroom Instrument Treatment To A Classic

  • 7:53 am Thursday, November 17th, 2016 by Aaron

The boys in Metallica stopped by the Tonight Show to play some music with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

As with all of the guests who do the bit, the catch is that everybody has to use kid’s classroom instruments.

It’s doesn’t stop James, Kirk, Lars, and Robert from rocking out though…check out the bit below

Meanwhile, rock n’ roll hell must have frozen over because Metallica’s entire catalog is coming to

Right now, they basically just have three songs on there:  “Atlas Rise!”, “Moth to Flame”, and “Hardwired”. All of those are off the upcoming album “Hardwired . . . To [More]

Could Queen Be Releasing New Music?

  • 6:57 am Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 by Aaron

We recently heard that Brian May was going through some difficulties, which fueled rumors of Queen’s demise.

If you listen to Roger Taylor however, you would think the band is looking at the future.

Taylor says it’s “quite possible” Queen will record new songs with singer Adam Lambert in the future.

The band has recorded two album projects since Freddie Mercury died, but that was only to update leftover material. The band also released an album with Paul Rodgers in 2008.

Lambert has been performing with Queen, off and on, since their 2009 performance together on American Idol. “It’s great to know that there’s [More]

Is Jimmy Page Spying on Robbie Williams Over a Property Dispute?

  • 6:59 am Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 by Aaron

Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page has been having a dispute with British pop star Robbie Williams for a few years now.

They’re neighbors in England, and in January of 2015 Robbie announced plans for massive renovations to his house. Jimmy went to court to stop him, claiming that the vibrations from all of that work could damage HIS house…but he lost.

Robbie thinks the court loss drove Jimmy CRAZY. He claims Jimmy sits outside for hours with recording equipment, trying to prove the noise and vibration levels are too high.  He’s also been caught sleeping while trying to spy on construction workers.

Robbie says, quote, “It’s really [More]

Aerosmith Announces Tour Dates in a Weird Political News Skit

  • 6:49 am Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 by Aaron

It looks like the guys in Aerosmith were watching a lot of cable news in the run-up to the election.

They just announced some tour dates for next year in a video where Steven Tyler and Joe Perry play anchors for ‘ANN’ (the Aerosmith News Network).

They tell a couple of silly jokes, and then announce the tour, which begins in Europe next May. As of this post, none of the dates are here in the states.

There’s been a lot of talk that this is Aerosmith’s farewell tour, but that might not be the case. In the skit, Steven says, quote, “Any truth to the [More]