Top 30 Hair Metal Albums of All-Time

Top 30 Hair Metal Albums of All-Time 

Posted: 6:24 am Thursday, November 10th, 2016

By Aaron


If we’re gonna make America great again, we should start by returning hair metal to its ’80s glory!  To do that, we have to identify the cream of the crop. The website came up with a list of the 30 Best Hair Metal Albums. What do you think of the top 10?

1.  “Shout at the Devil”, Motley Crue, 1983

2.  “Hysteria”, Def Leppard, 1987

3.  “Out of the Cellar”, Ratt, 1984

4.  “Skid Row”, Skid Row, 1989

5.  “Slippery When Wet”, Bon Jovi, 1986

6.  “Stay Hungry”, Twisted Sister, 1984

7.  “Night Songs”, Cinderella, 1986

8.  “W.A.S.P.”, W.A.S.P., 1984

9.  “Pyromania”, Def Leppard, 1983

10.  “Look What the Cat Dragged In”, Poison, 1986

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