Is Jimmy Page Spying on Robbie Williams Over a Property Dispute?

Is Jimmy Page Spying on Robbie Williams Over a Property Dispute? 

Posted: 6:59 am Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

By Aaron


Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page has been having a dispute with British pop star Robbie Williams for a few years now.

They’re neighbors in England, and in January of 2015 Robbie announced plans for massive renovations to his house. Jimmy went to court to stop him, claiming that the vibrations from all of that work could damage HIS house…but he lost.

Robbie thinks the court loss drove Jimmy CRAZY. He claims Jimmy sits outside for hours with recording equipment, trying to prove the noise and vibration levels are too high.  He’s also been caught sleeping while trying to spy on construction workers.

Robbie says, quote, “It’s really strange.  It’s like, ‘What are you hiding?  Is there something you’re hiding?’  So, so weird.”

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