The Piano Man Built The Bike That Stranded The Boss

The Piano Man Built The Bike That Stranded The Boss 

Posted: 8:48 am Monday, November 28th, 2016

By Aaron

We have finally found the culprit for Bruce Springsteen’s recent motorcycle breakdown.

Apparently, the Piano Man has confessed!

After playing a cover of The Boss’s “Born To Run”, Billy Joel told his fans at New York’s MSG that his shop built the custom bike that Springsteen was riding when it broke down in New Jersey a few weeks back.



Addressing the New York crowd, Joel says: “I built a motorcycle for Bruce. So he takes the bike out on Veteran’s Day and it breaks down. It’s all over national news, ‘Bruce’s Bike Breaks Down.’

“So I’m reading this and thinking, ‘Oh shit, I hope it wasn’t the bike I built for him.’ I called him, ‘Bruce, what bike was the bike that broke down?’

“‘It was the one you made for me.’ ‘Oh. Sorry about that.’ ‘Oh no, it’s cool, dude.’”

Let’s hope Billy didn’t build The Boss’s tour bus as well!