Phil Collins: “I Was Pretty Irritating In The 80’s”

Phil Collins: “I Was Pretty Irritating In The 80’s” 

Posted: 5:57 am Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

By Aaron


You’re not breaking any news to Phil Collins by telling him you think he was a bit annoying during his major rise to pop stardom.

“I was ubiquitous throughout the 80s,” says Collins from his Miami palace.

“I became unfairly tarnished with the brush of that era. Meanwhile, I was just trying to write good songs and play music with people I loved. But yeah, I think looking back on it, I can safely say, I was pretty irritating.”

After a serious brush with alcoholism, Collins has been looking back on his life in reflection. All of his solo albums are currently being reissued with extra live tracks. The endeavor will be titled Take A Look At Me Now, and is already receiving critical acclaim.

“The record company was keen to reissue those old albums, but it also seemed as though enough time had passed for people who couldn’t be bothered the first time around to take another listen, rather than just toss them on the scrap heap.”


It’s not just the music that is being re-released…Phil’s life story has been repackaged for sale via his book “Not Dead Yet”. The page turner is filled with Collins’ anecdotes collected over a substantial career of highs and lows. It recounts his multiple marriages, divorces, infidelities, and more.
You’ll also find stories of his early days as drummer with prog-rock behemoths Genesis, and the backlash once Peter Gabriel left and Collins stepped in as lead singer, turning it into a shameless pop band.
In the book he even addresses the legend about being so cold-hearted, he broke up with his second wife by fax (“Not true”, says Phil).

There’s a ton more that Phil has to say about his past, present and future. You can find it here by clicking this link.

In the meantime, allow me to satiate your Phil fix: