Lou Gramm & Others To Rejoin Foreigner On 40th Anniversary Tour

Lou Gramm & Others To Rejoin Foreigner On 40th Anniversary Tour 

Posted: 6:24 am Monday, January 9th, 2017

By Aaron

Foreigner was born in 1976 courtesy of the creative genius of Mick Jones. Now, 40 years later, the band has been through it’s fair share of roster changes.

One of its most controversial has always been the breakup of Lou Gramm, and the rest of the group. Gramm is credited with fronting the band through a lot if not all of their most successful albums, and singles.

According Jones though, the time has come to once again work with Gramm, as well as former members Ian McDonald & and Al Greenwood.

The band says they’ll host their former band-mates only on select dates, but for those who really miss the old Foreigner sound, this could be huge.

The former band members won’t be the only guests on the tour by the way: when Foreigner kick off their 40th anniversary tour in September they’ll do it with long-time buddies Cheap Trick, and drummer Jason Bonham.

The reunions will be a highlight during a busy anniversary year for Foreigner. Not only will they be kicking off a worldwide tour, but the group is also playing U.S. dates starting Jan. 30, with a European tour beginning May 20 in Switzerland. They’ve got a two-disc, 40-track anniversary compilation with some brand new material is planned, and finally Jones will be publishing his memoir, A Foreigner’s Tale, due out this spring.

Check out Gramm with Foreigner at the peak of their rock sound in 1981: