Stone Temple Pilots Are On The Hunt For A New Lead Singer

Stone Temple Pilots Are On The Hunt For A New Lead Singer 

Posted: 9:43 am Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

By Aaron

How many personnel changes should a band be able to go through before they’re REQUIRED to change their name?

A lot of older acts are still touring despite the fact that they’re practically cover bands at this point, but the Stone Temple Pilots aren’t there yet. They lost both of the singers the band’s ever had back in 2015. Scott Weiland died, and Chester Bennington left to concentrate on his main gig fronting Linkin Park.

The rest of the original band is still intact: Rob and Dean DeLeo, and Eric Kretz. Now they’re looking for a new set of pipes, but keeping the band name.

In a recent interview, Rob said, quote,

“It’s hard sonically for Dean, Eric, and myself to not sound like Stone Temple Pilots.  Why name it something different? We worked hard at creating the brand of Stone Temple Pilots.”

Then, it was Dean’s turn

“What means more to us is the ability to evolve, to move on, to basically have a person that allows us to make more records and more music into 2025.”

Listen to the interview below