The Sad Story of The Last Days of Butch Trucks

The Sad Story of The Last Days of Butch Trucks 

Posted: 7:11 am Friday, January 27th, 2017

By Aaron

Hearing a music legend like Butch Trucks has died is sad enough, but now a new report in the Daily Mail is claiming he died at his own hands, and the brutal scene was discovered by his wife.

The report says Trucks ended his life with a gun shot wound to the head while in his West Palm condo. That condo seems to be part of the struggle that led Butch to take these sad actions, as mounting tax bills and other debt were leading to severe financial issues for the legendary drummer.

When police arrived on the scene they found a hysterical Melinda Trucks, and a still alive (barely) Butch laying on the floor. He would pass minutes later. According to 911 transcripts, Melinda apparently watched Butch pull the trigger.

The money issues go back nearly a decade peaking in 2011 with the sale of his multi-million dollar home to tackle a ballooning mortgage payment. Then last year the IRS was at it again with the Trucks family hitting them with liens totaling more than $500k

Such a sad tragic ending for a man who brought joy to so many!