Could Angus And Axl Be Looking To Make New AC/DC Music Together?

Could Angus And Axl Be Looking To Make New AC/DC Music Together? 

Posted: 6:36 am Friday, February 24th, 2017

By Aaron

If the latest rumors are true, it looks like Angus has no intention of shutting down AC/DC anytime soon…

According to two stories from the Australia-based Noise11:

“The chemistry between Axl Rose and Angus Young has inspired Angus to start planning another AC/DC record, but Guns N’ Roses’ touring commitments throughout 2017 will make it difficult to finalize the project.”

The article is headlined “New AC/DC Album Not Expected Until 2018.”

Axl took on  the AC/DC gig in 2016 when Brian Johnson was suddenly sidelined by a hearing issue. He fronted 23 shows on tour before leaving Angus to move forward with the wildly successful G’n’R reunion tour. However, before he left, it was apparent that Axl Rose was a huge fan of working with Angus:

“I feel protective; I feel I do not want to let this guy down – more than almost anybody I’ve ever known – and I don’t know why, and he’s very responsive to me. And they said they hadn’t seen him this happy, they hadn’t seen him moving around [this much]. In between songs, he’s playing other stuff [that has inspired potential new song ideas]. So that’s kind of a neat thing between musicians.”

If my eyes are any judge, I would think based on the performances they put that these stories probably have an element of truth in them!