The Eagles Are Playing Two Major Shows With Fleetwood Mac

The Eagles Are Playing Two Major Shows With Fleetwood Mac 

Posted: 6:44 am Friday, March 3rd, 2017

By Aaron


The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac are headlining a new bi-coastal music festival this summer.

The concerts will be called ‘Classic East’ and ‘Classic West’, with the ‘East’ one happening at Citi Field in New York, and the ‘West’ one at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

The organizers are hoping to make it an annual event.

It’ll happen in July, with two shows in both cities, however the dates haven’t been set. We’re told there will be other bands, but none have been announced yet.

These will be the first Eagles gigs since Glenn Frey died last January. It’s unclear who will stand in for him, if anyone. In the past people have thrown around the idea of Glen’s son, or Jackson Browne taking on the duties.

The shows are also the only ones Fleetwood Mac has booked for this year.