The Eagles Are Suing The Hotel California

The Eagles Are Suing The Hotel California 

Posted: 6:55 am Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

By Aaron

The Eagles are suing a place called Hotel California. However it isn’t actually in California, it’s in Todos Santos, Mexico.

The band claims the owners are trying to make people think they’re connected. They play “Hotel California” and other Eagles songs in the hotel, and they sell merchandise calling the hotel “legendary”, which implies that it was actually the inspiration for the song when it reportedly was not.

The suit says the hotel is infringing on the Eagles’ Hotel California trademark. They’re asking that the place be banned from using the name.

For what it’s worth, the Mexican Hotel California was built in 1950, so it does predate the song. However, the lawsuit says they’ve been trying to sponge off the Eagles since 2001.

The song “Hotel California” isn’t based on any particular place according to the Eagles. The building that stands in for it on the cover of the album is the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Ironically, the band used the photo without the hotel’s permission, and they were at one point sent a “cease and desist,” before their lawyers settled it.

All of this talk of Hotel California has me yearning for a great live version…so here you are!