DLR & The Red Rocker On The Same Page – About Michael Anthony’s Charity

DLR & The Red Rocker On The Same Page – About Michael Anthony’s Charity 

Posted: 7:22 am Friday, May 5th, 2017

By Aaron

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony recently lost his infant grandson. The boy’s name was Rex, and he died when he was just a few days old because of a heart condition.

Michael’s family is asking for donations for Walk L.A., which is a charity walk to benefit the Children’s Hospital in L.A. It’s taking place in June. They have a page set up where you can donate in Rex’s name.

Interestingly enough, it appears that Sammy Hagar contributed $1,000. Not to be outdone by his former rival, David Lee Roth has also reportedly stepped up by giving $10,000!

There’s no indication at this point that Gary Cherone chipped in.

No one has officially commented, so we don’t KNOW they gave that money. When you contribute, you can put any name you want, so it’s possible it could’ve just been a prankster…a very generous prankster.

If Dave did donate, he better watch out. Being kind to Michael Anthony is the kind of thing that can get you blackballed from Van Halen!