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The Top 10 Greatest Metal Riffs of the 1970s

  • 6:13 am Friday, June 30th, 2017 by Aaron

Metal music website has put together a list of the 10 Greatest Metal Riffs of the 1970s…but they cheated!

Instead of pouring through every riff and selecting a #1 that stands out over the rest, they chose “Every BLACK SABBATH Riff”.

Even though we agree with their sentiment, it still feels like a cheap way to cap off their list.

Here’s how the entire list plays out:

Every Black Sabbath Riff
“School’s Out”, Alice Cooper
“Smoke on the Water”, Deep Purple
“Kashmir”, Led Zeppelin
“Cat Scratch Fever”, Ted Nugent
“Runnin’ with the Devil”, Van Halen
“Cities on Flame”, Blue Oyster Cult
“Victim of Changes”, Judas Priest
“Working Man”, Rush
“Dead Men Tell [More]

Michael Anthony Really Wants a DLR/Sammy/Van Halen Reunion

  • 6:39 am Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 by Aaron

It was several weeks ago that Michael Anthony was asked about whether he’d support a Van Halen reunion with himself, his best bud Sammy Hagar, and the iconic other front man in the band David Lee Roth. When Anthony said a resounding “Yes”, it began to spin the rumor mills out of control

Now the former VH bassist is expanding on what he really would like to see:

“You obviously see all of these other bands doing it these days, and also for Van Halen’s fans. Maybe some kind of proper closure or something. I’m not sure. Everybody in the band is [More]

Do You Want To Own Bill Ward’s ‘Stuff’?

  • 6:58 am Monday, June 26th, 2017 by Aaron

Bill Ward didn’t get the chance to tour with Black Sabbath on their final worldwide jaunt, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting some final closure on that point in his life.

On June 28th the Sabbath co-founder will launch an online store over at where he’s selling more than 200 pieces of authentic gear used in the studio and on tour.

“Whoever gets this gear will get good karma. I really hope the new owners will be able to feel the energy of it. Of course, I’m going to miss all of the gear – there’s some really [More]

Stevie Nicks Records New Version of “Gypsy” for Netflix Show

  • 6:49 am Monday, June 26th, 2017 by Aaron

Netflix has been on a tear recently with their exclusively created content. They’ve wooed pretty big names in the world of acting to participate in some of these projects, and now they’ve also recruited one of the biggest names in music as well.

On June 30th, the streaming network will release a new show aptly named “Gypsy”. As showrunner Lisa Rubin told EW, she heard Fleetwood Mac’s version of “Gypsy” for the first time while she was outlining a project at a coffee shop, and was so struck by the song that it “became part of the fabric” of [More]

Gene Simmons on Trademark Request: Nevermind!

  • 6:44 am Friday, June 23rd, 2017 by Aaron

Gene Simmons withdrew his petition to trademark the heavy metal “horns” sign. He didn’t say why, but here are my best guesses for you:

It was a stupid, stupid, stupid idea.
He was receiving scorn and ridicule from not only the entire rock and roll community, but from anyone and everyone else who heard about it.
He was actually trying to trademark the sign language symbol for “I love you,” not the devil horns.
Did I mention it was a stupid, stupid, stupid idea?

The kicker would be if this was only temporary…like maybe he’s going to re-apply for the trademark, only with the thumb [More]

Lynyrd Skynyrd vs Artimus Pyle

  • 6:27 am Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 by Aaron

Lynyrd Skynyrd is no stranger to court battles, in the past allowing the lawyers to do the fighting to preserve the legacy and reputation of the Southern Rock royalty.

This is once again the case for the band, as well as the folks responsible for the estate’s of the members who have passed away. This time, the target is former drummer Artimus Pyle!

Pyle announced last year that he intended to release a biopic titles “Free Bird” about the band’s heyday, as well as the fateful plane crash that stopped the runaway success that was the original lineup of Skynyrd.

That news was [More]

Gene Simmons is Actually Trying to Trademark the Heavy Metal “Horns” Sign

  • 6:14 am Thursday, June 15th, 2017 by Aaron

Gene Simmons has done some cheesy, classless things, but even his biggest supporters couldn’t possibly get behind this: Gene has filed an application to trademark the heavy metal “horns” hand symbol.


He wants the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to extend his forefinger and pinky in the name of rock and roll.

His application says he wants it for, quote, “Entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical artist; personal appearances by a musical artist.”

If this insanity were to get approved, then no other music act would be able to throw up the horns onstage, or even during the grand opening of a Costco, without the [More]

Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie Play With Kids and Toy Instruments on ‘The Tonight Show’

  • 7:43 am Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 by Aaron

Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie stopped by The Tonight Show last night to promote their new LP, and indulged in one of the show’s most popular segments for musicians.

Joined by host Jimmy Fallon, his house band – the Roots, and a group of children from the SeriousFun Children’s Network, the Mac duo played a toy instrument version of the Fleetwood Mac classic “Don’t Stop,”

SeriousFun, founded by late actor Paul Newman, is a group that helps children with serious illnesses. Its been a favorite charitable endeavor of Fallon’s for some time.

Buckingham and McVie’s Tonight Show visit came just weeks before their [More]

Chris Cornell’s Final Music Video Has Been Taken Down From Youtube

  • 5:42 am Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 by Aaron

The last music video that Chris Cornell put out was for “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart”.

According to “Alternative Nation“, it has been taken down from YouTube because it included imagery of hanging.

That’s how Chris committed suicide himself last month, but the video isn’t new – it came out back in September of 2015. The song was the main single off his last solo album, “Higher Truth”.

In the video, Chris is an Old West criminal who survives a hanging after a woman distracts the hangman. The noose is sabotaged so that it breaks, and Chris gets away. Cornell’s [More]

Lou Gramm Reuniting With Foreigner On Latest Tour

  • 8:26 am Monday, June 12th, 2017 by Aaron

Lou Gramm hasn’t been Foreigner’s lead singer since 2003, but the band is launching a 40th anniversary tour on July 11th that will find itself in Jacksonville at Daily’s Place on Thursday, August 3rd. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the band, Graham and other original members will show up for a few of the tour dates.

Gramm is finally speaking out about the gigs:

“The original members will perform 35, 40 minutes, maybe we’ll do seven or eight songs, and then that will end, and the current band will go on and finish the night. I think for the encore, [More]