Could Journey’s Show This Summer In Jacksonville Be One Of Their Last?

Could Journey’s Show This Summer In Jacksonville Be One Of Their Last? 

Posted: 6:00 am Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

By Aaron

Journey, already a fraction of its former self without lead singer Steve Perry, might be further splitting. This time, its not the music that is cauasing the rift – it is politics & religion!

Neal Schon co-founded Journey in the early ’70s, and aside from Perry has been the identity of the band since the beginning.¬†Jonathan Cain has been the keyboardist since 1980, but his contributions to song-writing some of the groups biggest hits has given him some well-deserved clout within the band.

Cain also has a side career doing faith-based music. In addition to that, he’s also married to Paula White-Cain, a minister who delivered the invocation at Trump’s inauguration. It’s safe to say they’re on the Trump Train.

It is also safe to say Neal isn’t.

So now, just months after they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame together, it’s becoming a problem.

Neal posted this on Instagram

He later added, quote:

“I’ve stated how I felt about mixing religion and politics and how our music is not of one religion, Democratic or Republican. This is and has been an issue with myself, Mr. Cain and his wife. Well frankly, I’m tired of having to defend all by myself. [Fellow co-founding Journey member] Ross [Valory] is no help.”

Cain responded with a post of his own:

Neal formed Journey with keyboardist and singer Gregg Rolie in 1973, after they left Santana. Steve Perry was added as lead singer in 1977. Then Cain came aboard in 1980, after Rolie left.

Cain definitely added to Journey’s success in the ’80s, with writing credits on the band’s biggest hits like “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Separate Ways”, “Open Arms”, and “Faithfully”.

Obviously, neither of them has specified the exact nature of their disagreement, so there’s no way of knowing what is even an issue.

Knowing what we know about the band’s history, you might want to scoop up some tickets to the summer show here in Jax as it could be one of their last!