Is A New G’n’R Album On The Way?

Is A New G’n’R Album On The Way? 

Posted: 8:02 am Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

By Aaron

Last year when Axl Rose began touring with Slash and the rest of his old band mates, we reported that the band was heard practicing *new* tunes in a production studio in L.A.

Fast forward a year, and the band has not only successfully completed a critically acclaimed tour as Guns N Roses, but the rumors about new music continue to mount!

Take the comments mad by current guitarist Richard Fortus during a recent appearance on the Stage Left podcast:

“We haven’t started recording anything, when I say that, as far as in the studio doing an album, we’ve been recording a lot of stuff, just ideas, assembling ideas, but not going into a studio and actually tracking a new record.”

GnR fans are painfully well acquainted with how long it can take the group to get from start to finish — Rose moves at his own timetable no matter how high the demand for new music.

There’s also no no way to know whether the lineup that currently exists will also be the players on the next Guns N’ Roses LP.

Whatever Guns N’ Roses end up doing in terms of new music, it doesn’t seem likely to happen for a while — the band recently extended its Not in This Lifetime tour, and will remain on the road through at least late November.