UPDATE: Phil Collins Is Going To Be Ok

UPDATE: Phil Collins Is Going To Be Ok 

Posted: 7:49 am Friday, June 9th, 2017

By Aaron

Phil Collins just got his comeback off the ground, and it’s already hit a snag. As we reported yesterday, he had to postpone two sold-out shows in London, scheduled for Thursday and today, after he fell in his hotel room and hit his head on a chair.

A post on his Facebook page explains:

The tour will resume Sunday in Cologne, Germany. The missed dates in London will be made up in November.

Phil kicked off his ironically-titled “Not Dead Yet Live!” tour this past Sunday. It was his first full show in 10 years!

“Drop foot” is when you can’t lift up your foot. So when you lift your leg to walk, the foot just droops. If you’re not careful, you can catch your toes on the ground and trip. This video explains further: