Stevie Nicks Records New Version of “Gypsy” for Netflix Show

Stevie Nicks Records New Version of “Gypsy” for Netflix Show 

Posted: 6:49 am Monday, June 26th, 2017

By Aaron

Netflix has been on a tear recently with their exclusively created content. They’ve wooed pretty big names in the world of acting to participate in some of these projects, and now they’ve also recruited one of the biggest names in music as well.

On June 30th, the streaming network will release a new show aptly named “Gypsy”. As showrunner Lisa Rubin told EW, she heard Fleetwood Mac’s version of “Gypsy” for the first time while she was outlining a project at a coffee shop, and was so struck by the song that it “became part of the fabric” of the show.

According to to the Queen of Classic Rock herself, the version viewers will hear attached to Gypsy is closer to her original vision for the song, which eventually ended up on Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage album.

“I’m very excited for the world to hear ‘Gypsy’ more like I wrote it — on piano,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I am very proud of this version.”

Rubin considered the idea of hiring a different artist to cover it, as well as using the original version. Ultimately she decided it needed a new take from Nicks herself, and made contact through producer Greg Kurstin.