Michael Anthony Really Wants a DLR/Sammy/Van Halen Reunion

Michael Anthony Really Wants a DLR/Sammy/Van Halen Reunion 

Posted: 6:39 am Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

By Aaron

It was several weeks ago that Michael Anthony was asked about whether he’d support a Van Halen reunion with himself, his best bud Sammy Hagar, and the iconic other front man in the band David Lee Roth. When Anthony said a resounding “Yes”, it began to spin the rumor mills out of control

Now the former VH bassist is expanding on what he really would like to see:

“You obviously see all of these other bands doing it these days, and also for Van Halen’s fans. Maybe some kind of proper closure or something. I’m not sure. Everybody in the band is still relatively healthy and alive. So there’s one thing right there. And Sammy has brought it up quite a few times in interviews he’s done.”

Hagar has actually been open to touring with DLR in the past, but previous attempts didn’t end so pretty.

Anthony was part of that tour, so he saw the failures from the front row – but he’s optimistic things will be different this time around:

“Yeah, that tour started kind of harmoniously, but didn’t finish up that way. I went out and guested with Sammy on a handful of those shows and things got maybe a little strained, but at this point, I personally am through with all of the drama that comes with everything. I want to go out, play music and have a good time. I want to go to my grave a happy guy.”

In the meantime, Anthony and Hagar remain on the road with Hagar’s current group, the Circle.