Eddie Money Loses Round One of Lawsuit

Eddie Money Loses Round One of Lawsuit 

Posted: 6:31 am Monday, July 10th, 2017

By Aaron

A while back we told you Eddie Money was being sued by his former drummer for wrongful termination, among other allegations – including harassment, and misconduct.

Well, round one has ended in the suit, and Eddie emerged as the loser.

Money’s former drummer Glenn Symmonds had his lawyers in California court to battle an attempt by Eddie’s team dismiss some of the charges, but the judge was not having it!

The 80’s icon had his team of lawyers putting in billable hours and vows to get his money’s worth – they claim they’ll be back to appeal the pre-trial motion.

They also had some fairly mean hings to say about Symmonds as well:

“Glenn Symmonds showed his true colors: he is a vindictive, ungrateful and awful person. That is why Eddie chose not have him back. Everything alleged in this lawsuit is a pack of lies.”

The court also ruled against the Money team request to not disclose some of the weirder parts of the deposition, including a bit where Eddie made the analogy of the firing to a make-believe album titled: “The Reasons Why I Fired Glenn”. Money continues with the following made-up track list:

  • “Song No. 1: He Was Detrimental to My Wife and Children on Social Media,”
  • “Song No. 2: No Other Reason, Really.”

Eddie also claims the drummer sent him angry texts, complained on social media and threatened concert promoters. Symmonds, through his lawyer Lawrance Bohm, has denied those claims.

The suit was filed in October 2015, after Money decided to replace his band with his children. It ended a relationship between the two that dated back to 1974, and Symmonds’ suit alleges that Money often mocked him as he recovered from bladder cancer and a back injury.

Last year, Symmonds’ fiancee, Tami Landrum, joined the suit, alleging that Money had sexually harassed her, including repeatedly making lewd comments, trying to kiss her and a 2013 private-party performance of “Think I’m in Love” where he “unzipped his pants, and put his thumb through his zipper (intending his thumb to look like his penis) and began to gyrate his hips and dance while he wiggled his thumb” while facing her.

Money has said that the allegations against him are “downright evil.”