Peter Frampton Freaks Out…AGAIN

Peter Frampton Freaks Out…AGAIN 

Posted: 8:02 am Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

By Aaron

Almost three years since Peter Frampton threw some poor shlub’s phone during a concert, Frampton came alive…again!

During a live show at the Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing, Minnesota on Sunday night Peter noticed a fan waiving old albums on his giant on-stage video screen.

The Star Tribune reports that when a women held up a copy of “Frampton Comes Alive!”, the scene was displayed on the onstage video screen, raising a cheer from the 8,000-strong crowd, which “prompted Frampton to lament that the interruption came during a guitar solo.”

Seconds later a similar situation occurred, this time with a copy of “I’m in You”. Frampton then reportedly leaned his face into the camera and let out a two-word expletive.

He and his band left the stage at that point. They returned several minutes later and continued their show, with the video screens switched off.

One eyewitness said there had been a “camera tug of war” with the video operator, which “went back and forth until Peter finally let go and walked offstage”

After the show, Frampton took to his Facebook to explain his meltdown: