Could Journey Be Splitting Up…Again?

Could Journey Be Splitting Up…Again? 

Posted: 6:42 am Monday, August 7th, 2017

By Aaron

Those of you who went to see Journey play the Daily’s Place Amphitheatre two weeks ago may have unknowingly seen one of their last performances in their current iteration.

It turns out, Neal Schon isn’t just fighting with Jonathan Cain – the embattled guitarist is currently feuding with ALL of the members in the band!

The most recent spat is centered around all of the current members of Journey agreeing to visit the White House despite Neal Schon forbidding them to do so:

That got the rumor mill rolling inside, AND outside of the band. Suddenly Schon was on Twitter fueling the fire suggesting that the band was ready to dump the co-founder and move on with touring:

Once listeners began to freak out, some asked Neal what he planned to do if the band does split…again…

Neal promised that he’d continue to make amazing tunes – taking his sound to new heights:

No word yet from former front man, and past Schon rival Steve Perry, but I’m sure he’s got to feel a little bit vindicated as he watches the in-fighting from a safe distance.