Bruce Springsteen Hits The Great White Way

Bruce Springsteen Hits The Great White Way 

Posted: 6:57 am Thursday, August 10th, 2017

By Aaron

Bruce Springsteen sold out a stadium that can hold over 50,000 New Yorkers three times last year, but now he’s launching a series of very intimate shows on Broadway.

Beginning in October, he’s going to do eight weeks of shows at the Walter Kerr Theater, which has a capacity under 1,000. They are solo shows that will run five nights a week, Tuesday through Saturday.

It’s called “Springsteen on Broadway”, and in addition to singing, he’ll read excerpts from his 2016 autobiography “Born to Run”. Bruce is looking forward to the intimacy of the shows:

“It’s just me, the guitar, the piano, and the words and music.”

He chose Broadway because, quote, “it has the beautiful old theaters which seemed like the right setting for what I have in mind. In fact, with one or two exceptions, [the theater’s] 960 seats is probably the smallest venue I’ve played in the last 40 years.”

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